Thursday, February 23, 2012

What do you look for when choosing a Home Staging partner? Tip Number 1

Tips for Choosing Your Home Staging Partner

1. Statistics, that's a good thing. You could look for those.

2. Credentials. Realtors know how important these are behind their name.

3. Properties on their website. What do they look like?

4. Geographical locations they serve. Do they have a potential for being an expert in your area?

5. Longevity? Are they a newbie?

All of these are important. Some may be more important to you than others.

Statistics should be very important. The least amount of days on the market per Staged Home. Well, this is definitely a good thing for a homeowner or a Realtor to consider. Not so good for my business though. That is right, I did just type that! As a Home Stager I should be looking for additional ways to generate income. You would think, right? When a house is under contract in days, I lose a possible source for additional income. I could potentially be receiving additional fees for the items I place in the property to enhance its appeal and appearance. Each day, week or month it does not sell, I am supposed to be collecting fees. This is a source of income for Stagers and a big one, for many. We all choose to work the way we want to work.

There are two things to consider with Statistics for me. Days on Market? Would I like to be in the Staging Inventory Rental business as well as, a Home Stager? Sure! Or profit from Home Staging professional fees, first and foremost? Of course! I have chosen to make it my business to see that I do my best to get a home Under Contract and SOLD, ASAP. Income from the additional days, weeks or months on market are not my focus. I want to be known as the partner that helps you get your properties off your "Active Listings", and on to the "Sold Listings" pages of your website. As well as the partner that helped you get those moved over with the biggest commission check possible. I suggest this is important to consider when you interview and choose your Home Staging partner. Aren't we all in the business of helping the property get SOLD?

Tip Number 1 to finding the right partner for you. This has been my opinion, backed by experience and a suggestion to think about your choice, thoroughly. Check out the Stagers Statistics, first and foremost.

What Statistic, when selling a house, is the most important to you?Look for Tip 2...soon.

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